Message Debra Thompson

A Message From Access East President Debra Thompson

As a community-health organization, Access East is dedicated to advancing the well-being of our Eastern North Carolina family. We have always aspired to make our actions embody our core belief in compassionate care for others, and that means adding our collective voice to a vital conversation that affects us all.

In the midst of one of the greatest health crises in American history, a horrific act of violence in spring 2020 pushed us as a nation into painful, but essential, soul-searching on true equality and justice, for all of our citizens.

The COVID-19 epidemic may end up being the easier problem to overcome; social inequality and the unequal application of justice have been with us since long before we were a country. Yet the profound challenges we face in addressing these persistent issues, which ultimately affect the health and well-being of us all, just mean we have to work that much harder to achieve meaningful change. The work is essential, and more than ever, organizations like Access East must lead by example. We are wholeheartedly committed to doing so.

I firmly believe we can change for the betterment of us all – but only by listening to each other, supporting each other and caring for each other, despite our outward differences.

This is a journey we all must take, and we can only take it together.

Debra Thompson
President, Access East