CCPEC Medicaid Glossaries

Medicaid Glossaries

Medicaid can be highly confusing, with so many unique, and periodically changing, terms to keep in mind. It can seem at times like this federal program has its very own language, from pairings of numbers and letters referring to legislation to common terms that don’t mean the same thing under Medicaid, not to mention all the abbreviations and acronyms.

We’ve included links below to two extensive glossaries of Medicaid terminology from two industry insiders, to help you navigate this complex subject:

    • From the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the very people who coined the terms you’ll encounter with Medicaid, their glossary of terms also covers Medicare as well. It’s searchable both by general alphabet and specific term.
    • From the respected nonprofit Kaiser Family Health Foundation, their Medicaid Glossary is in the form of an alphabetical list.