Health Check

Health Check

The primary goal of the Health Check program is to ensure that Medicaid-eligible children and teens have access to a medical home for regular preventative medical care, as well as treatment of health issues discovered during those well-child visits.

Key to that mission, Health Check provides not only regular well-child checkups or annual exams, but also dental care, for children from birth through 20 years old. New immunizations, as well as booster shots, are also given as appropriate at these annual visits.

How Does Health Check Work?

Health Check Coordinators reach out to Medicaid-eligible children and their families, educating parents on the need for annual well-child checkups that assure their children are receiving access to care, and on dental services and recommended follow-up care. Coordinators likewise assist parents in overcoming barriers that might hinder them from receiving those benefits. Health Check Coordinators also hold outreach events within local communities, through schools, and at health fairs and other appropriate local venues.

In addition, Health Check Coordinators are available to assist a qualifying child’s primary-care provider/medical home, Access East care managers, and other support agencies, to increase a family’s participation in Health Check benefits by tracking and following up on missed appointments, and by reaching out to families of children referred to the program.

Well-Child Checkups/Annual Physicals

Health screenings include the following age-appropriate components:
    • Comprehensive physical exams
    • Comprehensive health histories
    • Nutritional assessments
    • Anticipatory guidance and health education
    • Measurements, blood pressure, and vital signs
    • Developmental screenings, including mental, emotional, and behavioral
    • Immunizations
    • Vision, hearing, and dental screenings
    • Laboratory procedures
    • Children with special healthcare needs may receive additional benefits

(Medicaid also covers any medically necessary diagnostic or treatment services for treating conditions identified through screenings.)

Exams should be scheduled at the following ages:
    • Within the first month
    • Two months (immunizations due)
    • Four months (immunizations due)
    • Six months (immunizations due)
    • Six months (immunizations due)
    • Nine-12 months (immunizations due)
    • 15-18 months (immunizations due)
    • 2 years old
    • 3 years old
    • 4 years old (immunizations due)
    • 5 years old
    • Every year thereafter

Background on Health CheckHealthCheck - transparent - WEB

Developed as a statewide initiative in 1993, Health Check is North Carolina’s implementation of the federally mandated Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) program.

Health Check is a cooperative venture between, among other partners, the N.C. Division of Health Benefits (DHB), as well as the N.C. Division of Public Health (DPH) Women’s and Children’s Health Section. The program’s ongoing development is a collaborative effort involving professional medical societies, Smart Start, and other North Carolina statewide initiatives.