Our Practice Support Team

Our Practice Support Team

Reach members of our Practice Support Team, part of our larger Quality Team, through their individual contact information immediately following the photo gallery below.

Practice Support Team members are involved in implementing and supporting a number of quality-improvement (QI) measures within Community Care Plan of Eastern Carolina (CCPEC) and the eastern North Carolina medical community, working with such groundbreaking Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) programs and initiatives as:

Kenneth Ivey, BS-HSMA
QI Specialist
(252) 413-9329
With the State Health Plan

Donna Jones, BSN, RN
Pediatric Quality Nurse Specialist
(252) 847-9739

Michael Owens, MA-HSC/EL
QI Practice Transformation Coach
(252) 902-5368
With the PTN program

Jennifer Polo, BSN, RN
Assistant Director of Quality
(252) 916-0508

Marla Smith, MEd
QI Specialist
(252) 902-9221

Shelley White, BS-HSMA, PCMH CCE
QI Specialist
(252) 814-3075
With the East Carolina University PCMH Project