Behavioral Health Team Gallery

Our Behavioral Health Team

Our five care-management teams typically include at least one permanent social work staff member, often in a case-management role, though all teams have access to those services through our Access East Care Management offices.

Where behavioral health staff are part of individual care-management teams, links to those teams are included following the staff member’s job title; the care-management team pages each list their applicable county, or counties, of coverage.

In the interest of employee safety, Access East Care Management staff are listed here only by first names.

Access East Behavioral Health clinical staff can be reached by phone; if you prefer communicating via email, please contact Dr. Colin Evans, Access East Psychiatrist, who will ensure your message gets to the correct staff member.

Kim Talbot, MSW, LCSW
Program Supervisor/
Social Work Care Manager
(252) 561-6673

Alyssa, MSW
Social Work Care Manager
(252) 714-9007

Brandy, MSW
Social Work Care Manager
(252) 814-0326

Tina, BSW
Social Work Care Manager
(252) 341-4619